Laws and Directives


  • 10 U.S. Code Sections 1501-1513, "Missing Service Personnel Act" - tasks DPMO with responsibility for policy, control and oversight of the entire process of investigation and recovery of missing persons (including matters related to search, rescue, escape and evasion) and for coordination between DoD and other U.S. agencies on all matters concerning missing persons. The Act also establishes procedures to be followed in making determinations regarding status of missing persons covered by the Act (i.e., active duty military personnel or DoD civilians and DoD contractors who directly support or accompany the armed forces in the field under orders).
  • 37 U.S. Code Sections 551-559, "Missing Persons Act" - provides for pay, allowance and other financial benefits for military personnel in a missing status. Note: The procedures for review and determinations of missing status under Sections 556 and 557 of the Missing Persons Act do not apply to persons whose status has been determined under the Missing Service Personnel Act.
  • DoD Directive 5110.10, "Defense Prisoner of War/Missing Personnel Office (DPMO)," September 21, 2005 -establishes the mission, organization, responsibilities, functions, relationships and authorities of the Director, DPMO.

Personnel Accounting

Personnel Recovery