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Member RankFirst and Last NameServiceUnitLostLocationDate AnnouncedSorted By Date Announced In Descending OrderFuneral DateFuneral Location
FCCDaniel F. HarrisU.S. NavyUSS Oklahoma12/7/1941Pearl Harbor2/11/2020  
Pvt.James J. CanslerU.S. ArmyCompany C, 1st Battalion, 28th Infantry Regiment, 8th Infantry Division12/19/1944Hürtgen Forest, Germany2/11/2020  
Pfc.James W. WhiteU.S. ArmyCompany F, 2nd Battalion, 5307th Composite Unit (Provisional)7/2/1944Burma2/11/2020  
MMCLada SmisekU.S. NavyNaval Ammunition Depot and Submarine Base, Cavite, Philippine Islands9/28/1942Philippines2/4/2020  
Cpl.Oscar E. KoskelaU.S. Marine CorpsHeadquarters Company, 29th Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Division6/18/1944Saipan2/4/2020  
Pfc.Royal L. WaltzU.S. Marine CorpsCompany A, 1st Battalion, 18th Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Division11/20/1943Tarawa2/4/2020  
Seaman 1st ClassWarren C. GilletteU.S. NavyUSS Oklahoma12/7/1941Pearl Harbor1/29/2020  
Seaman 2nd ClassCecil H. ThorntonU.S. NavyUSS Oklahoma12/7/1941Pearl Harbor1/29/2020  
FIreman 2nd ClassMartin D. YoungU.S. NavyUSS Oklahoma12/7/1941Pearl Harbor1/28/2020  
Fireman 2nd ClassWilliam P. KubinecU.S. NavyUSS West Virginia12/7/1941Pearl Harbor1/27/2020  
Hospital Apprentice 1st ClassJohn M. MulickU.S. NavyUSS Oklahoma12/7/1941Pearl Harbor1/27/2020  
Seaman 1st ClassJoe R. NightingaleU.S. NavyUSS Oklahoma12/7/1941Pearl Harbor1/27/2020  
Fireman 1st ClassDan E. ReaganU.S. NavyUSS Oklahoma12/7/1941Pearl Harbor1/27/2020  
Fireman 2nd ClassJoseph W. CarrollU.S. NavyUSS Oklahoma12/7/1941Pearl Harbor1/27/2020  
Cpl.Arthur C. RamirezU.S. ArmyBattery B, 57th Field Artillery Battalion, 7th Infantry Division12/6/1950North Korea1/22/20203/19/2020Marana, Arizona
Pvt.Pearl F. BarrowU.S. ArmyCompany F, 12th Infantry Regiment, 4th Infantry Division11/20/1944Hürtgen, Germany1/16/2020  
Gunnery Sgt.Arthur B. SummersU.S. Marine CorpsCompany I, 3rd Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Division, Fleet Marine Force11/23/1943Tarawa1/6/2020  
Sgt.John V. PhillipsU.S. ArmyHeadquarters Company, 31st Infantry Regiment7/27/1942Philippines12/16/2019 Arlington National Cemetery
2nd Lt.George M. JohnsonU.S. Army Air Forces38th Bombardment Squadron, 30th Bombardment Group1/21/1944Tarawa12/16/2019  
2nd Lt.Lowell S. TwedtU.S. Army Air Forces71st Fighter Squadron, 1st Fighter Group10/20/1944Bolzano, Italy12/13/2019 Fernly, Nevada
Seaman 1st ClassOrval A. TranbargerU.S. NavyUSS Oklahoma12/7/1941Pearl Harbor12/5/2019  
Fireman 1st ClassLeo T. KeningerU.S. NavyUSS Oklahoma12/7/1941Pearl Harbor12/5/2019  
Master Sgt.Harold F. DrewsU.S. ArmyKing Company, 3rd Battalion, 31st Infantry Regiment, 7th Infantry Division12/12/1950North Korea11/27/20192/19/2020St. Charles, Illinois
Fireman 1st ClassRex E. WiseU.S. NavyUSS Oklahoma12/7/1941Pearl Harbor11/22/20194/22/2020Braman, Oklahoma
Pfc.Alfred EdwardsU.S. Marine Corps ReserveCompany E, 2nd Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Division, Fleet Marine Force11/20/1943Tarawa11/21/2019 Arlington National Cemetery
Fireman 1st ClassAndrew J. SchmitzU.S. NavyUSS Oklahoma12/7/1941Pearl Harbor11/21/2019  
Pfc.Edward A. NalazekU.S. Marine CorpsCompany D, 2nd Battalion, 18th Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Division, Fleet Marine Force11/21/1943Tarawa11/21/20192/10/2020Arlington National Cemetery
Sgt.Maxmiano T. LacsamanaU.S. ArmyCompany I, 3rd Battalion, 31st Regimental Combat Team, 7th Infantry Division12/3/1950North Korea11/20/2019 Philippines
Fireman 3rd ClassWelborn L. AshbyU.S. NavyUSS West Virginia12/7/1941Pearl Harbor11/20/2019  
Fireman 1st ClassHadley I. HeavinU.S. NavyUSS West Virginia12/7/1941Pearl Harbor11/20/20195/23/2020Baxter Springs, Kansas
Tech Sgt.Max W. LowerU.S. Army Air Forces345th Bombardment Squadron, 98th Bombardment Group (Heavy), 9th Air Force8/1/1943Romania11/14/201911/23/2019Lewiston, Utah
Cpl.Jackey D. BlosserU.S. ArmyDog Company, 1st Battalion, 32nd Infantry Regiment, 7th Infantry Division12/2/1950North Korea11/14/20194/24/2020Grafton, West Virginia
Cpl.Leon E. ClevengerU.S. ArmyCompany K, 3rd Battalion, 21st Infantry Regiment, 24th Infantry Division7/11/1950South Korea11/7/2019 Mims, Florida
Fireman 3rd ClassHerbert B. JacobsonU.S. NavyUSS Oklahoma12/7/1941Pearl Harbor11/6/2019  
Cpl.Earl W. DuncanU.S. ArmyCompany D, 1st Battalion, 32nd Infantry Regiment, 7th Infantry Division, 31st Regimental Combat Team12/2/1950North Korea11/4/201911/30/2019Gastonia, North Carolina
Pvt.Horace H. MiddletonU.S. ArmyCompany F, 2nd Battalion, 5307th Composite Unit (Provisional)7/12/1944Burma11/4/20194/18/2020Milton, Pennsylvania
Cpl.Thomas H. CooperU.S. Marine CorpsCompany A, 2nd Amphibious Tractor Battalion, 2nd Marine Division, Fleet Marine Force11/20/1943Tarawa11/4/2019 Arlington National Cemetery
EnsignFrances C. FlahertyU.S. Naval ReserveUSS Oklahoma12/7/1941Pearl Harbor11/1/2019  
Seaman 2nd ClassLloyd R. TimmU.S. NavyUSS Oklahoma12/7/1941Pearl Harbor11/1/20195/25/2020Wabasha, Minnesota
Machinist's Mate 1st ClassPaul H. GebserU.S. Naval ReserveUSS Oklahoma12/7/1941Pearl Harbor11/1/2019  
Sgt.William C. HolmesU.S. ArmyHeavy Tank Company, 32nd Infantry Regiment, 7th Infantry Division9/21/1951North Korea10/31/201911/23/2019Middleway, West Virginia
Fireman 1st ClassBethel WaltersU.S. NavyUSS West Virginia12/7/1941Pearl Harbor10/30/2019  
CoxswainLayton BanksU.S. NavyUSS Oklahoma12/7/1941Pearl Harbor10/30/2019  
Seaman 2nd ClassEverett WindleU.S. NavyUSS Oklahoma12/7/1941Pearl Harbor10/30/2019  
Pvt.Porfirio FrancoU.S. Army200th Coast Artillery Regiment7/18/1942Philippines10/29/2019  
Sgt.Jerome B. MorrisU.S. Marine CorpsCompany B, 1st Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Division, Fleet Marine Force11/22/1943Tarawa10/29/2019  
Pvt.William D. HedtkeU.S. ArmyBattery B, 319th Glider Artillery Battalion, 82nd Airborne Division9/18/1944The Netherlands10/25/2019 Arlington National Cemetery
Cpl.William L. BrownU.S. ArmyCompany B, 1st Battalion, 32nd Infantry Regiment, 7th Infantry Division12/2/1950North Korea10/25/2019 Mound City, Illinois
Pvt.Channing WhitakerU.S. Marine Corps ReserveCompany A, 1st Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Division, Fleet Marine Force11/22/1943Tarawa10/25/201911/22/2019Des Moines, Iowa
Sgt.James E. Smith, Jr.U.S. ArmyHeadquarters Company, 1st Battalion, 23rd Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division11/25/1950North Korea10/22/2019 Arlington National Cemetery
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