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Member RankFirst & Last NameServiceUnitLostLocationAccounted-ForSorted By Accounted-For In Descending Order
Seaman 1st ClassMillard BurkU.S. NavyUSS Oklahoma12/7/1941Pearl Harbor9/20/2018
Seaman 2nd ClassDavid B. EdmonstonU.S. NavyUSS Oklahoma12/7/1941Pearl Harbor9/20/2018
Electrician's Mate 3rd ClassMerle A. SmithU.S. NavyUSS Oklahoma12/7/1941Pearl Harbor9/20/2018
Cpl.Edward M. JonesU.S. Army ReserveCompany D, 1st Battalion 38th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division2/12/1951North Korea9/19/2018
Pvt.Charles G. KaniatobeU.S. ArmyCompany A, 1st Battalion, 21st Infantry Regiment, 24th Infantry Division7/10/1950South Korea9/17/2018
Seaman 1st ClassRobert W. HeadingtonU.S. NavyUSS Oklahoma12/7/1941Pearl Harbor9/14/2018
Staff Sgt.Karl R. LoescheU.S. Army3rd Pursuit Squadron, 24th Pursuit Group11/16/1942Philippines9/13/2018
Master Sgt.Charles H. McDanielU.S. Army8th Cavalry Regiment Medical Company11/2/1950North Korea9/13/2018
Pfc.William H. JonesU.S. ArmyCompany E, 2nd Battalion, 24th Infantry Regiment, 25th Infantry Division 11/26/1950North Korea9/13/2018
Sgt.Eugene G. McBrideU.S. ArmyCompany I, 3rd Battalion, 311th Infantry Regiment, 78th Infantry Division1/30/1945Germany9/12/2018
Seaman 1st ClassJames W. HolzhauerU.S. NavyUSS Oklahoma12/7/1941Pearl Harbor9/10/2018
Radioman 3rd ClassBruce H. EllisonU.S. NavyUSS Oklahoma12/7/1941Pearl Harbor9/10/2018
Tech. Sgt.Robert J. FitzgerrellU.S. ArmyCompany I, 3rd Battalion, 311th Infantry Regiment, 78th Infantry Division1/30/1945Germany9/7/2018
Water Tender 2nd ClassEdgar D. GrossU.S. NavyUSS Oklahoma12/7/1941Pearl Harbor9/6/2018
Fireman 3rd ClassRobert J. BennettU.S. NavyUSS Oklahoma12/7/1941Pearl Harbor9/6/2018
Water Tender 2nd ClassClarence M. LockwoodU.S. NavyUSS Oklahoma12/7/1941Pearl Harbor9/6/2018
Seaman 1st ClassGeorge E. NaegleU.S. NavyUSS Oklahoma12/7/1941Pearl Harbor9/5/2018
Seaman 1st Class Earl P. BaumU.S. NavyUSS Oklahoma12/7/1941Pearl Harbor9/5/2018
Seaman 1st ClassJoseph K. MauleU.S. NavyUSS Oklahoma12/7/1941Pearl Harbor9/5/2018
Staff. Sgt.Herbert W. HarmsU.S. Army Air Forces569th Bombardment Squadron, 390th Bombardment Group, 13th Combat Bombardment Wing, 3rd Air Division, 8th Air Force8/16/1944Germany9/4/2018
1st Lt.John D. Crouchley, Jr.U.S. Army Air Forces828th Bombardment Squadron, 485th Bombardment Group, 15th Air Force6/28/1944Bulgaria9/4/2018
Sgt. 1st ClassJames S. Streetman, Jr.U.S. ArmyCompany B, 19th Infantry Regiment, 24th Infantry Division7/22/1950South Korea9/4/2018
Pfc.Leonard A. TymaU.S. Marine Corps ReserveCompany E, 2nd Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Division, Fleet Marine Force11/20/1943Tarawa9/4/2018
1st Lt.Seymour P. DrovisU.S. ArmyCompany A, 105th Infantry Regiment, 27th Infantry Division7/7/1944Saipan9/4/2018
Pfc.Alva J. CremeanU.S. Marine CorpsUSS Oklahoma12/7/1941Pearl Harbor 8/30/2018
Sgt.Millard OdomU.S. Marine CorpsCompany K, 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marines, 2nd Marine Division, Fleet Marine Force11/20/1943Tarawa8/30/2018
Radioman 3rd Class Dante S. TiniU.S. NavyUSS Oklahoma12/7/1941Pearl Harbor8/29/2018
Pfc.Fred W. AshleyU.S. ArmyTroop C, 2nd Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron, 2nd Cavalry Group5/4/1945Czechoslovakia8/29/2018
Seaman 2nd ClassMyron K. LehmanU.S. NavyUSS Oklahoma12/7/1941Pearl Harbor8/28/2018
Seaman 1st ClassRichard L. WatsonU.S. NavyUSS Oklahoma12/7/1941Pearl Harbor8/28/2018
Fireman 2nd ClassCarl D. DorrU.S. NavyUSS Oklahoma12/7/1941Pearl Harbor8/27/2018
Seaman 1st CkassHale McKissackU.S. NavyUSS Oklahoma12/7/1941Pearl Harbor8/27/2018
Seaman 1st ClassWesley V. JordanU.S. NavyUSS Oklahoma12/7/1941Pearl Harbor8/27/2018
Fire Controlman 1st ClassEdward J. SheldenU.S. NavyUSS Oklahoma12/7/1941Pearl Harbor8/27/2018
Fireman 1st ClassAlbert U. KaneU.S. NavyUSS Oklahoma12/7/1941Pearl Harbor8/24/2018
Fireman 1st ClassBert E. McKeemanU.S. NavyUSS Oklahoma12/7/1941Pearl Harbor8/24/2018
Machinist's Mate 2nd ClassArchie T. MilesU.S. NavyUSS Oklahoma12/7/1941Pearl Harbor8/24/2018
Pharmacist's Mate 3rd ClassWilliam H. BlancheriU.S. Naval ReserveHQ Company, 2md Battalion, 2nd Marines, 2nd Marine Division, Fleet Marine Force11/20/1943Tarawa8/24/2018
Cmdr.James B. MillsU.S. NavyFighter Squadron Twenty One, USS Coral Sea9/21/1966Vietnam8/23/2018
Machinist's Mate 1st ClassEugene K. EberhardtU.S. Navy USS Oklahoma12/7/1941Pearl Harbor8/20/2018
Pfc.Kenneth B. WilliamsU.S. Army Heavy Mortar Company, 32nd Infantry Regiment, 7th Infantry Division12/2/1950North Korea8/17/2018
Pvt.WIlliam A. BoegliU.S. ArmyCompany L, 332nd Infantry Regiment, 81st Infantry Division9/30/1944Republic of Palau8/17/2018
Pfc.Morris R. WorrellU.S. ArmyCompany F, 2nd Battalion, 31st Infantry Regiment9/27/1942Philippines8/16/2018
1st Lt.Herman L. FalkU.S. ArmyCompany B, 38th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division2/12/1951South Korea8/16/2018
Pfc.George L. SpangenbergU.S. ArmyCompany E, 8th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division11/2/1950North Korea8/15/2018
Pfc.Mathis O. Ball, Jr.US. ArmyCompany M, 3rd Battalion, 21st Infantry Regiment, 24th Infantry Division7/12/1950North Korea8/15/2018
Capt.Lester A. SchadeU.S. Marine CorpsCompany I, 3rd Battalion, 4th Marine Regiment1/9/1945Formosa8/15/2018
Staff Sgt.Richard J. MurphyU.S. Marine Corps Reserve6th Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Division6/15/1944Saipan8/15/2018
Col.Richard A. KibbeyU.S. Air ForceDetachment 5, 38th Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Squadron2/6/1967Vietnam8/13/2018
Pfc.Leo J. DuquetteU.S. ArmyCompany L, 3rd Battalion, 21st Infantry Regiment, 24th Infantry Division7/11/1950South Korea8/8/2018
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