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News 2 | Nov. 18, 2019

Their father's plane was shot down in WWII; this weekend they finally buried him (Via CNN))

By Maddie Capron and Christina Zdanowicz

Gretchen Wronka and Martin Hintz had spent more than 60 years thinking their father, an Army pilot, was buried in Italy after he died in a plane crash during World War II.

Then a group of Italian archaeologists told them they were going to look for more of their father's remains.
The siblings were shocked and confused. They had never met their father. Wronka was just over a year old when her father passed away April 21, 1945, and Hintz wasn't born until June 1.

As far as they knew their dad, U.S. Army pilot 1st Lt. Loren Hintz, was laid to rest in Italy after his aircraft came under fire by German forces. He crashed at a farm outside Bagnarola, Italy, just south of Florence.

"We always knew our father was buried in the Florence American Cemetery," Wronka, now 75, said. "So the mystery of where he was, we thought he was there."

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