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News | April 6, 2017

Soldier Missing From Korean War Identified (Kelly)

Army Cpl. Daniel F. Kelly, missing from the Korean War, has now been identified.

In late November 1950, Kelly was a member of C Company, 1st Battalion, 9th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division, when his unit was ordered to advance as part of preparations for an offensive to push the North Koreans to the Yalu River. By the night of November 25, the Chinese People's Volunteer Forces (CPVF) had begun relentless attacks which continued throughout the night and into the next morning. After the battle, it was determined that Kelly became Missing in Action on Nov. 26, 1950.

In 2002, a joint U.S. and Korean People's Army recovery team conducted operations in North Korea, recovering possible remains.

Laboratory analysis and circumstantial evidence were used in the
identification of his remains.

Interment services are pending.

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