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June 29, 2021

Remains from the USS Oklahoma that could not be ID'd will be reinterred at Punchbowl (via Yahoo! News)

At least 51 unidentified crew members of the USS Oklahoma were returned to Hickam Field on Thursday—and while no families were there to rejoice over the identification of a relative, as has been the case for 343 other crew mainly in recent years—the U.S. military gave the Dec. 7, 1941, heroes full honors.An Air Force C-17 cargo aircraft transported

June 29, 2021

Nebraska helps bring unidentified WWII casualties home (via KLKN Nebraska ABC 8)

A ceremony at Lincoln Airport started the journey of still-unidentified remains back to their place of rest in Hawaii.LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – In 2015, the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency (DPAA) started the difficult task of identifying the remains of 388 Sailors and Marines who lost their lives aboard the USS Oklahoma on December 7, 1941.The DPAA

June 22, 2021

Study reveals food scarcity, desperate diet of Marine killed in Korean War (via Nebraska Today)

In the subzero twilight of Nov. 27, 1950, embedded next to the Chosin Reservoir and surrounded by the slopes of treacherous terrain, the 1st Battalion, 7th Regiment of the 1st Marine Division found itself at the center of a closing circle — and an early but crucial battle in the Korean War.Over the following 17 days, roughly 120,000 Chinese troops

June 22, 2021

US Navy brothers killed during Pearl Harbor attack laid to rest (via Fox News)

Harold and William Trapp identified, now buried at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific in Honolulu with full military honors.To watch the Fox News video, click here.

June 10, 2021

80 years after Pearl Harbor, a family’s uncertainty ends as a Marine is laid to rest (via The San Diego Union-Tribune)

The remains of 19-year-old John Franklin Middleswart were the 300th identified from the wreck of the USS Oklahoma---A promise the military makes to its fighting forces — no person left behind — was kept Tuesday at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery, where the long-unidentified remains of a San Diego Marine were buried almost 80 years after he died in

June 8, 2021

A nation slowly emerging from pandemic honors Memorial Day (Via Washington Post)

A nation slowly emerging from social distancing measures imposed by the coronavirus pandemic honored generations of U.S. veterans killed in the line of duty on a Memorial Day observed without the severe pandemic restrictions that affected the day of tribute just a year ago.Memorial Day parades and events were held in localities large and small

June 8, 2021

Killed in Pearl Harbor attack, sailor now back with family (via The Daily Advance)

After nearly 80 years, Petty Officer 1st Class William Eugene Blanchard is finally back home with his family.On Monday, nearly 30 people, including several members of Blanchard’s family, attended a memorial service with military honors at Twiford Funeral Home for the Navy sailor killed at Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941. Blanchard’s remains were then

June 1, 2021

Navy sailor killed in Pearl Harbor attack laid to rest in Arlington (via NBC TODAY)

A major undertaking to identify the remains of our nation’s fallen military heroes has led to a funeral in Arlington, Virginia, for Eddie Griffith, a Navy sailor killed in the attack on Pearl Harbor nearly 80 years ago. NBC’s Courtney Kube takes a closer look at the project giving answers and possibly some closure to military families who’ve waited

June 1, 2021

Thousands of Troops from Past Wars Are Still Missing. We'll Never Stop Trying to Find Them (via Military.com)

Our nation sets aside Memorial Day for the express purpose of honoring the more than one million men and women who have fallen in combat serving our country, remembering their supreme sacrifice.Most cannot be found in history books or documentaries, and their acts of heroism are lost to time. For the tens of thousands of families whose loved one

June 1, 2021

Answers may finally be coming for some families of "hell ship" victims, more than 75 years later (via CBS This Morning)

Tens of thousands of U.S soldiers died on so-called "hell ships" — Japanese merchant vessels that were turned into prison ships for transporting U.S. and allied prisoners of war to slave labor camps.Many were never found or properly identified, leaving anguished families searching for answers. For some, answers may finally be coming, more than 75