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Dec. 12, 2023

80 years after his death at Pearl Harbor, a sailor’s remains are returned home

Every December, Deb Conti’s grandmother would pull out the wrinkled letter and faded photograph she received from her brother just weeks before he was killed in Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor over 80 years ago.“Dear ‘little’ Eve,” the letter reads. “I am thinking of the family, every day.”The sailor, Stanley Galaszewski was a family man. Raised by

Nov. 29, 2023

Missing WWII Airman Officially Accounted for Nearly 80 Years After Plane Shot Down

A missing United States airman is finally accounted for nearly 80 years after his death during World War II, according to defense officials.U.S. Army Air Force Staff Sgt. Franklin P. Hall, of Leesburg, Fla., was killed during World War II at the age of 21, according to a news release from the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency.Hall was a left waist

Nov. 29, 2023

U.S. airman missing in France since 1944 now accounted-for after remains analyzed

The remains of an American airman who was listed as unaccounted-for after his plane was shot down over France during World War II have been found and identified almost 80 years later.Army Air Force Staff Sgt. Franklin P. Hall, from Leesburg, Florida, was killed on Jan. 21, 1944, when the German Luftwaffe shot down his B-24D Liberator, called the

Nov. 29, 2023

Remains of World War II Tank Commander Identified After 79 Years

For nearly 79 years, Anne Walker Collingwood knew little about her father, an American soldier who died about three months after she was born while fighting near Hücheln, Germany, during World War II.Her father, Second Lt. Gene F. Walker, was the commander of a tank that was hit by an anti-tank round and caught fire in November 1944. The attack is

Nov. 29, 2023

Her father died in WWII - Now 79, she'll finally welcome him home

Anne Collingwood came into the world without a father. Army 2nd Lt. Gene F. Walker, a World War II tank commander, died in battle while pushing into Germany alongside General George S. Patton’s army.Collingwood was born in September 1944. Walker, her father, died that November.“They even wonder if he received word that I had been born or any kind

Oct. 19, 2023

Pacific teamwork seeks to bring heroes home

Recovery efforts in Kwajalein Atoll began with a grassroots, volunteer organization known as the Kwajalein Missing in Action Project.At some point, nearly all of the KMP’s members have lived and worked at USAG Kwajalein Atoll, which currently has approximately 1,300 U.S. personnel, including active-duty military, Department of Defense civilians,

Oct. 4, 2023

Waiting for Uncle Frank

The giant black and white photographs of smiling young men flashed on the screens. Name, rank and branch of military service are listed below their smiles.PFC Willie Valdez Galven, U.S. ArmySgt Walter Henry Tolbin Jr., U.S. ArmyCpl Isabel Arredondo Ortiz, U.S. ArmyPFC Ray Palmer Fairchild, U.S. MarinesThe names kept coming. No repeats.Just one

Sept. 6, 2023

Explosive Ordnance Disposal technicians help to bring fallen American heroes home

Explosive Ordnance Disposal technicians not only safeguard U.S. troops from explosive hazards around the world but they also help to return America’s fallen heroes home to their families.Joint service EOD technicians serve as an integral part of the Defense POW-MIA Accounting Agency (DPAA) and support investigation and recovery missions around the

Aug. 22, 2023

Slow Progress on Identifying Korean War Missing as North Korea Stonewalls on Searches

One by one, the relatives of troops lost in the Korean War rose to tell in heart-wrenching detail why it was still so important for them and the nation, even after more than 70 years since their loved ones went missing, to identify their remains and bring them home."Danny Boy" will always be their song, said Brenda Lott, sister of Army Cpl. Daniel

July 9, 2023

DPAA undertakes recovery mission in Italy during 80th anniversary of Operation Husky

On July 10th, 1943, the Allied Powers prepared more than 3,000 ships, 150,000 ground troops, and 4,000 aircraft for a large-scale invasion of the island of Sicily, then controlled by the Nazi-led Axis Powers. Before sunrise, the massive assault would dismantle Italian dictator Benito Mussolini and become the first significant step in liberating